TIMER mod. T4E-BOX-01

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The Timer unit mod.T4E-BOX-01 is a modern and compact time counter (chronometer) managed by a microcontroller that can directly manage an external electromagnet and from one to three photogates with a resolution of 1/100000 sec (0.01ms).

It can be used in experiments for the calculation of "g" or with the use of rail.

It has two operating modes selectable by switch: Manual and Automatic.

- Manual: the electromagnet is powered and when the operator presses the green START button, the electromagnet is de-energized and measurement starts

- Automatic: the electromagnet is not powered and the measurement starts "automatically" (without pressing any key) when the target arrives at the first photogate.

It's available a Bluetooth version with Android App that allows simultaneous display of all data collected on a larger screen (smartphone or tablet).

The Bluetooth version mod.T4E-BOX-01-BT is available with Android App included, that allows the simultaneous display of all the data detected on a larger screen (smartphone or tablet).

 More optional accessories are available:

- photogates, which can be connected in series to reach a maximum distance of 4.5m

- electromagnet for measuring "g" with stand, steel ball and transparent plexiglass tube to convey the falling object

Download the brochure for more details.


HDMI RECEIVER mod.T4E-ACC-08 (option)

The HDMI receiver mod.T4E-ACC-08 is a complete kit that can be used by the teacher during an exercise, to view all the operations performed on the screen of an Android device (smartphone or tablet) with a TV monitor, an IWB or video projector.

The teacher uses the App on the Android device and explains its operation to the students, while the same screen is transmitted and faithfully replicated on the larger monitor.

It is ideal for use with our  digital Timer mod.T4E-BOX-01-BT to show all the acquired data simultaneously