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The Prototype Kit 1 mod.T4E-ACC-01 is a complete set that can be used for the realization of electronic circuits prototypes.

It is provided of two breadboards that can be hooked together and a series of essential accessories.

The breadboards can be powered by the module Multifunction Power Supply mod.T4E-MOD-01 (optional)  that is designed for the interconnection and can provide the following voltages:

- Fixed: + 15V, -15V, + 12V, -12V, + 5V

- Adjustable: + 13V (max), -13V (max)


CAMERA KIT 1 mod. T4E-ACC-02

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The Camera Kit 1 mod.T4E-ACC-02 is a complete set that can be used from Teacher during a training exercise, to see with an interactive whiteboard (IWB) or projector, the operations carried out.

The assembly of a breadboard or settings performed on an educational module or an experimental circuit, can be captured and displayed by the whole class, in real time.

It must be connected to the PC where the LIM or the projector is connected, and can also take photos or record video that are saved on file in the PC.

It can also:

- take a picture (max 15MP-5168x2907) and

- record a video (max 1920x1080 30fps)

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The HDMI receiver mod.T4E-ACC-08 is a complete kit that can be used by the teacher during an exercise, to view all the operations performed on the screen of an Android device (smartphone or tablet) with a TV monitor, an IWB or video projector.

The teacher uses the App on the Android device and explains its operation to the students, while the same screen is transmitted and faithfully replicated on the larger monitor.

It is ideal for use with our Process simulators - Easy series mod.T4E-SIM-xx-E and our educational shield for Arduino EDU SHIELD mod.T4E-ASB-02 to show the App used to control the operation of the simulator or during the development/changes of the App with MIT App Inventor

12V PS ADAPTER mod. T4E-ACC-03

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The 12V PS Adapter mod.T4E-ACC-03 is a Wall-mounted adapter that can be used to power the following Process Simulators:

- T4E-SIM-XX (Standard version) and

- T4E-SIM-XX-E (Easy version)


It is compatible with the Arduino / Genuino UNO board.