TEK4EDU has developed products that allow to set a complete electronics lab with many accessories.

myLAB mod.T4E-LAB-01

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 myLAB mod.T4E-LAB-01 is the complete solution to set up the laboratory in which you want to perform experiments of electricity and electronics, making circuits and prototypes.

To enable Students to build, assemble and wire electric and electronic prototypes, myLAB includes all the accessories and tools needed to complete the lab and make it self:

- 1 Power supply Trainer (left picture) with 7 voltage outputs

   (fixed, adjustable, positive and negative) and 1 current output

   (adjustable), interfaced with Arduino UNO board,

- 1 Arduino UNO board,

- 1 digital volt meter,

- Various electrical and electronic components, integrated circuits,

   terminated and not terminated cables,  tools for the preparation of the


All these components and devices are compatible with each other and myLAB , which is accompanied by educational manuals, does not need another!

 Some examples of possible experiments with myLAB:

 - Verification of Ohm's law

 - Measurement of the voltage drop (V) and current (Ampere)

 - Calculation of power in a resistive load

 - Observation and experimentation of the following electrical and electronic components: button, switch,

   fixed and variable resistors, capacitors, standard and LED diodes, transistors, electromechanical relay,

   beeper, integrated circuit 

- Circuits with resistors in series and in parallel

- The diode and the "unidirectional" in the direction of the current passing through it

- How to power LED diode

- Using the transistor as a switch

- How does the electromechanical relay

- How to activate the buzzer

- How to build a power supply

- Circuits to study Boolean algebra, the true / false variables (1/0) and the Boolean operators AND / ON / NOR

  / NAND

- Observe, analyze and modify the code (Sketch) that manages the Power Supply Trainer


myLAB Power Supply Trainer: example of use with a Process Simulator

(not included, option hydroSIM mod.T4E-SIM-01)