Design Philosophy and Instrumentation

TEK4EDU want to invest in education and is convinced that a good technician or engineer is someone who has a solid technical knowledge and know how to use and manage the common professional equipment that will use in the working world.


About software and/or applications that often the market offers, field experience has led us to the following considerations:

  • They are often useless: do not give any added value to teaching
  • They are expensive: they require the purchase of Personal Computers and steal resources for the purchase of other equipment and/or instrumentation
  • They require maintenance: the need for use of the Personal Computer, which is a device easily "corruptible", often requires the maintenance of the same with the additional workload.

For these considerations:

  • it suggests the use of the common professional equipment which is probably already in the school laboratory, or the purchase of new instruments
  • it will not develop software (and/or applications) that require the use of Personal Computers (eg. to perform an experimental exercise or insert in-circuit fault). Only software that have educational value, that will allow its analysis with the possibility of modification and customization by the Student, will be developed. For this reason we realize App using MIT AppInventor2, the free development environment for open-source Android applications managed by the MIT  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where students can understand how the App has been developed and can modify it.

The latest professional instrumentation can be connected to a network (LAN) or directly to a Personal Computer, to allow the acquisition and network sharing of the executed measurements.

Using this instrumentation and manuals, in electronic format (PDF) provided with the equipment, you can view all this information simultaneously over a large monitor, a LCD video projector or an IWB (interactive whiteboard.


This way you can make a lecture to a group of students using new media tools that the market offers.

Teaching manual

The Teaching manual is supplied in paper form with each equipment.

It is available for free in electronic format (PDF) to be used with multimedia tools.

It contains theoretical parts and descriptions of operations for using the equipment.

All stages of preparation and use of the equipment are described in the training manual:

  • the connection to the power supply
  • the equipment cabling
  • the arrangement of the controls on the equipment
  • connect, setup and use of instrumentation
  • the execution of the measurements

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